Please contact any of the below with information for or questions about the Chapter.


  • Co-presidents: Cathy Wagner, Professor, Department of English, Oxford 
  • Vice-president: Don Ucci, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oxford
  • Secretary: Deborah Lyons, Associate Professor, Department of Classics, Oxford
  • Treasurer: Amber Franklin, Assistant Professor, Department of Speech Pathology & Audiology, Oxford
  • Director of Research: David Walsh, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Oxford


  • Chair: Don Ucci, Professor & Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oxford
  • Kathleen Knight Abowitz, Professor & Chair, Department of Educational Leadership, Oxford
  • Jennifer Blue, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Oxford
  • Darcy Donahue, Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Oxford
  • Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, Lecturer, Department of Global and Intercultural Studies (American Studies), Oxford
  • John Heyda, Associate Professor, Department of English, Middletown
  • Bill Modrow, Head of Special Collections & Archives, Miami University Libraries
  • Gael Montgomery, Lecturer, Department of French and Italian, Oxford
  • Dan Prior, Associate Professor, Department of History, Oxford
  • Ann Rypstra, Distinguished Professor, Department of Biology, Hamilton